Teaching in a knowledge rich society

When teachers no longer are required to impart knowledge in society what role to they play?

The teacher is first of all an expert learner and a professional. Someone that can structure learning, and the skills required for a field of expertise, in a way that can maximise group learning.

The focus on knowledge transmission in previous generations meant that these organisational and professional skills were almost viewed as incidental in the learning process.

But with the widespread accessibility of subject matter experts, imparting knowledge has been relegated to incidental learning in the 21st century.

So what do we do instead?

Focus on being transparent with the learning process; teaching student how to learn, setting clear learning outcomes and success criterion, providing feedback and continually assessing students to drive growth in their skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Information availability is no longer an issue. Wading through and making sense of the sheer volume of knowledge is the problem and teachers have the skills needed to address the issue.